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RFPGM – RF ProgrammingTM

Wireless upload

Upload = writing an application code into a TR transceiver.

Two upload methods



TR is plugged in a programmer (via SIM connector) or populated in end equipment (in-circuit) and connected with the programmer by wires.


Unique, introduced by IQRF

TR is populated in end equipment and uploaded over the air. For network development such a mass upload (into all network nodes in one stroke) is a must.

  • RFPGM works in direct RF range only
  • HEX, IQRF as well as TR configuration files can be uploaded
  • For IQRF OS v3.04D or higher RFPGM support is completely included in OS. IQRF IDE CATS is intended as a programmer.
    » Support for lower OS versions
PDF  Product history - Release notes