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Open source software development package for various devices used with IQRF

Wherever C++ or C runs, you can easily implement wireless

IQRF SDK (Software Development Kit) enables easy development of IQRF wireless network applications implemented with devices programmable in C++ or C. It is a package of ready-to-use libraries for MCUs or single-board computers connected to TRs via SPI, UART or USB CDC.

IQRF SDK relates just to libraries (intended to write a user's own application). For the complete gateway SW implementation use IQRF Gateway Daemon (under Linux and DPA).


  • Machines without an operating system:
    • Standard single-board computers like Arduino, chipKIT,
    • Standalone MCUs
    • Any proprietary device with an MCU
  • Linux machines (Raspberry Pi, BeagleBone, …)


Either for IQRF nodes or gateways. Even gateways without an operating system are connectable to MQTT broker and can communicate via messages in JSON format. But the easiest approach for a gateway is IQRF Gateway Daemon. A basic complete IQRF gateway IQD-GW-01 based on the Daemon is available.

» Block diagram


Without an operating system:




Solderless development and prototyping is supported by IQRF shield and breakout boards (adapters to connect TR transceivers to devices):
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15 Mar 2018