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IQRF GW Daemon

TR under DPA + Linux single-board computer + IQRF GW Daemon = IQRF Gateway

Create your own IQRF gateway

IQRF Gateway Daemon is a powerful open source SW package allowing to easily create an IQRF gateway with Internet and cloud connectivity from a Linux machine. Typically it runs on an embedded Linux-based single-board computer like Raspberry Pi, Up Board, Linux PlugPC, BeagleBone or many others. It can be connected to a TR via SPI, UART or USB CDC. The TR implements an IQMESH network Coordinator under the DPA layer. The Daemon utilizes multiple communication channels UDP, MQ, WebSocket and MQTT and can be managed through the IQRF Gateway Webapp.

» Shields and breakout boards to connect TRs to devices

IQRF Gateway Daemon

  • Modular design
  • IQRF Repository integration
  • API for IQRF Standard and for Network management
  • Interfaces: SPI, UART and USB CDC
  • Channels: UDP, MQ, WebSocket and MQTT
  • An IQRF gateway based on the IQRF GW Daemon can simply be managed by secure and powerful web application IQRF Gateway Webapp.

» Block diagram