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IQRF Cloud

Data exchange server between IQRF network end devices and worldwide users

Transparent datalogger easily accessed and controlled via Internet

PHP, database, JavaScript and web interface applicable

A new ready to use powerful communication technique supporting Internet of Things

IQRF Cloud principle


  • Plug and Play transparent bidirectional crypted channel between end devices in IQRF network and worldwide users enabling them to utilize high-level tools which they are familiar with
  • Intended for WSN, AMR similar telemetry applications primarily focused on collecting of data from wireless end devices
  • Just an IQRF gateway (Ethernet, GSM, WiFi, …) providing Internet / LAN connectivity is required. No other hardware needed.
  • Datalogger implemented in GW SW connected to the database on the server allows complex control, data processing and visualisation by using high-level standard tools like PHP and JavaScript via API interface
  • Additional web interface for simple remote management via a web browser
  • Focus on data security, https and AES128 encrypted http protocols
  • Fast access to large data, easy data processing and visualisation
  • Simple development of user applications
  • Very easy to implement. No or minimal configuration needed. GW gets automatically connected to IQRF Cloud.
  • Data automatically accessible on the server

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  • Client–server type of communication.
  • Data from IQRF is logged in the gateway and then automatically uploaded to the Cloud server.
  • Data on IQRF Cloud is accessible via API and web interfaces.
  • Sending data backwards (e.g. to setup parameters or deliver commands to end devices in IQRF network) is also supported.

API interface

  • For complex monitoring, control and automated processing
  • Easy access to Cloud data by high level platforms (PHP, database, JavaScript, …)
  • API commands: raw data read, filtered data read and data write.

Web interface

  • For configuration, simple monitoring, control and maintenance
  • Transmitted data under supervision
  • Data export to CSV
  • User account needed
  • One account can manage multiple gateways
  • Gateways may be shared for more accounts

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Cloud server implementation

  • Hosted by CIS: IQRF Cloud server provided by IQRF contractual partner is available on
    • Free - up to 2 gateways and 6 months, also for commercial use
    • Professional
  • Hosted by the GW owner: The user can operate one's own IQRF Cloud server (licensed).