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Three layer IQRF architecture

  • Operating system
  • DPA layer within ready-to-use HWP from factory.
    Hardware profile (HWP) "runs under the DPA framework".

    Many applications need nothing more than standard HWP. Then user-specific functionality is achieved completely without programming.
DPA principle

  • Custom DPA handler - optional, when standalone HWP is not sufficient.

    HWP can be extended for special functionality by the user's design engineer by programming so called Custom DPA handler in C language.

DPA concept is world-wide unique, patented.

Custom DPA handler principle

An IQRF transceiver (TR) equipped with a software plug-in (HWP) implementing higher communication layer (DPA) above the operating system (OS) instead of a user application code enables to apply wireless in an extremely easy way. Instead of programming, a specific functionality is achieved just by a simple control via data flow. Complete application is as simple as sending commands and receiving responses and data via a UART terminal.

There is no difference between TR and DCTR (Data Controlled) transceiver versions from IQRF OS v4.02D. All TRs support both OS as well as DPA approaches.

Thanks to DPA, wireless networking is quite easy:

IQRF wireless - videos
Network set up
Just follow this video and you will have your wireless Mesh network up and running within a few minutes.

IQRF wireless - videos
Network control
Remote control of various devices and data collection in a wireless mesh network could be an easy thing.
This video explains DPA protocol, how to send DPA commands, how to work with IDE macros and how to collect data through Fast Response Commands.