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Three layer IQRF architecture

  • Operating system
  • DPA layer within ready-to-use HWP from factory.
    Hardware profile (HWP) "runs under the DPA framework".

    Many applications need nothing more than standard HWP. Then user-specific functionality is achieved completely without programming.
DPA principle

  • Custom DPA handler - optional, when standalone HWP is not sufficient.

    HWP can be extended for special functionality by the user's design engineer by programming so called Custom DPA handler in C language.

DPA concept is world-wide unique, patented.

Custom DPA handler principle

An IQRF transceiver (TR) equipped with a software plug-in (HWP) implementing higher communication layer (DPA) above the operating system (OS) instead of a user application code enables to apply wireless in an extremely easy way. Instead of programming, a specific functionality is achieved just by a simple control via data flow. Complete application is as simple as sending commands and receiving responses and data via a UART terminal.

There is no difference between TR and DCTR (Data Controlled) transceiver versions from IQRF OS v4.02D. All TRs support both OS as well as DPA approaches.