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Everything you need to know about IQRF in a few minutes.

Available with English, German, French, Italian, Czech and Hungarian subtitles.

To make products wireless. Simply.

The first video of a complete IQRF Video Tutorial Set. » MoreA general overview of IQRF solution how you can make your products wireless and a part of Internet of Things.

DS-START-03 and DS-DPA-01

This video presents content of the basic IQRF development sets DS-START-03 » Moreand DS-DPA-01 and shows how to measure the range of IQRF transceivers in real conditions.

Integrated Development Environment

This short video presents where to find and how to install IQRF IDE. It provides hints for IDE installation on PCs (with Windows 8) as well.


Basic demonstration how to use IQRF IDE to open, modify, compile, upload and test C applications for IQRF transceivers.

Network Set up

IQRF tutorials demonstrate in practice how to set up a wireless network using IQRF Data Controlled Transceivers. » More Just follow this video and you will have your wireless Mesh network up and running within a few minutes.

Network Control

Remote control of various devices and data collection in a wireless Mesh network could be a very easy thing. » More This video explains DPA protocol, how to send DPA commands, how to work with IDE Macros and how to collect data through Fast Response Commands.

Gateways and Cloud

Remote control of your wireless network from your website could be done very easily with IQRF ecosystem. » More
This video demonstrates how to use plug-and-play IQRF gateways, the IQRF Cloud and related API.

Custom DPA Handler

Learn how to modify predefined peripherals of IQRF General Hardware Profile or how to create your own ones with your specific functionality.

Software Development Kit

Take a look how to develop your own control device or SW based on the IQRF SDK Java Library.

Network Service

Real applications need effective deployment and servicing. That’s the reason why IQRF DCTRs support the effective servicing tool CATS available in IQRF IDE. » MoreCheck how you can get wirelessly connected to any node of the IQRF network, modify configuration, upload new FW, bond it, etc.


There are more ways how to approach wireless Mesh network. Learn how IQMESH operates and why IQRF networks are so robust and » Morereliable.
You will learn more about bonding, discovery and packet propagation through the network.

FRC and asynchronous packets

This video shows how to collect data from an IQRF network effectively and how to control devices such as lights or blinders from a central unit as well as locally.

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