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Design procedures

  • Unpack your IQRF development set.
  • Unzip the latest IQRF StartUp Package.
  • Install IQRF IDE using the installer included in the package.
  • Connect the programmer to PC and plug the TR transceiver.
Design procedures

Now you are ready to:

  • upload existing executable codes (.HEX or .IQRF files) into TR - without programming
  • create one's own source codes (.C) and compile them to generate executable codes (.HEX files) - with programming

Design procedures

Without programming

  • Upload selected executable code (a hardware profile or an example) into TR transceiver.
  • Relocate TR into another kit and place it at desired location.
  • Repeat upload and placement for all TRs you need (in similar way).
  • Switch power on and wireless communication is ready.

With programming

C programming is required when the application is written directly under OS or when HWP should be extended by Custom DPA handler.

  • There are lots of examples for OS as well as Custom handler examples in the Startup package. Modify the source code of a selected one for your needs.
  • Compile it to generate .HEX file by IQRF IDE.
  • Continue similarly as in case of without programming.