Clarion Congress Hotel Prague

A two-day conference for users, developers, manufacturers and system integrators of IQRF Ecosystem

Demonstrations of real solutions and products from the field of Smart Cities, Smart Buildings, Smart Homes, industry, safety and transport based on the IQRF wireless technology. Partners of IQRF Alliance will present their solutions.

April 24th to 25th, 2018
April 23rd - IQRF Alliance Steering
Committees and Distributor Meetings

Clarion Congress Hotel Prague



Target group: Manufacturers Integrators
Topic: How to build your IQRF interoperable & certified device How to build your own IoT solution using ready components of the IQRF Ecosystem.
Speakers: Jaromír Mastík, Zdeněk Kolář, Hynek Syrovátka Martin Špiller, Rostislav Špinar, Vojtěch Novák, Hynek Syrovátka
Tuesday, April 24th
14:30 – 16:00 Introduction: IQRF Standard, IQRF Repository, Smart Connect, IQRF Interoperability Certification
16:30 - 18:00 HW connectivity, FW customization, new features IQRF Drivers, IQRF GW Daemon, IQRF Gateways, Mobile app, Connectivity to clouds
Wednesday, April 25th
9:00 – 10:30 Develop your own IQRF Interoperable & certified device Build your own IoT solution
11:00 - 12:30 Integrate new IQRF Interoperable products to the existing IoT solutions

Expected from participants: basic knowledge of IQRF technology and C programming, own laptop with IQRF IDE


Registration for workshops

Only persons registered for IQRF Summit 2018 are allowed for registering for a selected workshop.

Workshop for manufacturers
Where: Aquarius
When: April 24th, 2018 14:30 - 18:00, April 25th, 2018 9:00 - 12:30
Places available: 23
Workshop for integrators
When: April 24th, 2018 14:30 - 18:00, April 25th, 2018 9:00 - 12:30
Where: Taurus
Places available: 19

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