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TR-58D-RJ series

Smart transceiver

Product status: Obsolete  Info
Recommended replacement: TR-72D or TR-76D

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  • Circuitry similar to TR-52D
  • RF bands: 868 MHz and 916 MHz, SW selectable
  • External serial EEPROM 2 KB
  • Precision temperature sensor
  • On-board PCB antenna
  • 2 LEDs
  • RJ-45 connector, 8 pins, 4 I/Os
  • Power supply 3.1 - 5.3 V
  • Fully coated
  • Resistive against UV radiation
  • Optional RF shielding to observe FCC rule

TR-58D-RJ block diagram

Ordering codes

Type Antenna option Temperature sensor RF shielding Availability
TR-58DAT-RJ On-board PCB Yes - Standard
TR-58DATF-RJ On-board PCB Yes Yes On request

The transceivers are provided with current OS version and disabled RFPGM (wireless upload) after reset.
Older OS versions or versions with enabled RFPGM are available on request.

Ordering code Price [EUR] Pieces
DCTR-58DA-RJ 33.79 price info
PDF   MCU datasheet - PIC16LF1938
PDF   3D models in STEP (AutoCAD and SolidWorks) and EPRT (eDrawings free viewer). For brief guidance only.
PDF   FCC checkliste - FCC requirements for application
PDF   Product history - Release notes