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  • Embedded Wireless M-Bus protocol EN 13757-4:2005
  • Modes S1, T1, S2 and T2
  • PC connectivity via USB interface, CDC UART mode
  • TR transceiver and internal antenna
  • RF band 868 MHz, FSK modulation, RF output power 12.5 mW
  • 3 LEDs
  • Compact USB-stick style
  • Low power consumption
  • Without IQRF OS
  • Functionality is similar like for TR-72DA transceiver plugged in CK-USB-04A kit.

GW-USB-06-WMB block diagram

Typical usage


wM-Bus MUC collecting data from Meters

TR-72D-WMB usage - compact


Sniffer to monitor wM-Bus communication

wM-Bus Sniffer

Ordering code: GW-USB-06-WMB

PDF   USB drivers - Custom and CDC classes, the same as for IQRF IDE
PDF    Product history - Release notes