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Development software


Development environment

Complex SW tool for working with IQRF. For programming, uploading and debugging applications of TR transceivers, network management, visualization and testing.
Supports also all IQRF USB development kits and gateways with USB connectivity (CK-USB-04, GW-USB-06, GW-ETH-02A, …).



Open source software development package for 3-rd party (standard as well as proprietary) devices used with IQRF. IQRF SDK (Software Development Kit) enables easy development of wireless network applications based on IQRF technology implemented with devices with standalone MCUs programmable in C (Arduino, chipKIT, …) or Java (Raspberry Pi, BeagleBone, …).



It depends on application approach whether programming in C language is required (creating a Custom DPA handler or writing the whole IQRF application directly under OS) or not (under DPA without creating a user-specific Custom DPA handler).

As a C compiler for IQRF platform the CC5X by B Knudsen Data is intended. It is free (with certain limitations and without code optimizing) for evaluation and non-commercial projects. Registered IQRF users can purchase full version at IQRF E-shop for discounted price.

Embedded MCUs (PIC microcontrollers) in some complex IQRF generic equipment (gateways etc.) can also be programmed in C. The MPLAB C18 or MPLAB C30 C compiler by Microchip is recommended.

PC SW demos delivered with some complex IQRF generic equipment (gateways etc.) is written in C++ Builder (Borland).

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