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SIM emulation TR module for TR-54D and TR-56D

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Development adapter enabling to use TR-54DA module with SIM connector.

For solderless development, programming and debugging of SMT TR-54D(A) applications with an advantage of removable TR module in SIM format.

  • Compatible with TR-52DA (supply voltage LDO regulator, LEDs, configurable pins, protective resistors, …)
  • Suitable also for development of applications with TR-56DA (which is fully compatible with TR-54DA)
  • All individual pins accessible via board-to-board connector
  • Adapter TRDB-54DA-SL available for easy interconnection to user board


Connected via SIM connector

For upload by IQRF programmer (e.g. CK-USB-04) or operation with IQRF kits (e.g. DK-EVAL-04).

TRDB-54DA usage

Connected via board-to-board connector

For operation with user application, without wiring.

TRDB-54DA usage

Connected via adapter TRDB-54DA-SL

For operation with user application, with wired user interconnection.

TRDB-54DA usage

PDF User's Guide - TRDB-54DA
PDF User's Guide - TRDB-54DA-SL
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