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IQRF at Microchip MASTERs 2018

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European Microchip MASTERs Conference 2018

11-13 Sep, Berlin, Germany

IQRF 2-hour class 11 Sep, 14:00 (CEST)
Vladimir Sulc, CEO of IQRF Tech, will present the IQRF wireless technology and future plans.

Class 22302 IQI: IQRF ® is a mature wireless technology enabling things to simply deploy IoT via Mesh networks.

Reliable, bidirectional and low power communication behind the obstacles is just one of many reasons why IoT needs Mesh networks. This results in the reincarnation of mesh approach. IQRF demonstrates how simple it can be to make things smarter, talking wirelessly to other devices and being connected to Internet.

True Low power, Simple , Secure and Interoperable.

Theoretical part:

  • Wireless trickiness facing engineers in last 15 years
  • How easy is to operate a device in wireless Mesh network

Practical part (demonstration):

  • Wireless Mesh end devices  ↔  Cloud
  • Mesh device continually receiving and consuming 20 µA only.

Auditorium: engineers looking for real, reliable and proven wireless for their products.

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