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The streetlight of Ashqelon, Israel


MenolingxAshqelon Municipality was looking for a complete lighting control and energy efficient solution. The Menolinx LampID solution was chosen for this project. Menolinx provided a turn-key retrofit solution including: Streetlight management and control software, Switch box control units, Lamps remote IQRF communication units and HID Electronic Ballasts. System is saving 40% of operation cost.

Menolinx has wide experience in implementing streetlight efficiency, Management and Control. The Menolinx solution is successfully installed in many Israeli, European and other worldwide municipalities.

RF Node

MenolingxThe node acts as a standard RF node communicating with the LampID concentrator while still has a photocell that acts as a redundancy. In the 5 wires configuration the node has also bidirectional communication to the passive device allowing diming commands and reading status. The node can be a perfect solution for smart control and energy efficient operation of each lamp eliminate scouting and providing accurate energy billing.

IQRF Solution

The IQRF transceiver TR-53BA for vertical mounting was chosen for this application in order to save space on the main PCB and to achieve the best possible range with integrated antenna.

Wireless range of the device is around 100 meters in municipal environment and the network provides 239 hops to transmit a packet to its final destination. Communication to a specific node as well as broadcast is available.


Menolinx Systems Ltd. is a worldwide solution provider in the fields of energy efficiency, intelligent street lighting and smart grid. We deliver a wide range of innovative, reliable and field proven products to municipal, industrial, retail and transportation industries.

Menolinx powerful LampID platform, a control, communication and management system focused on indoor and outdoor lighting, is the culmination of numerous joint effort projects with world class leaders in the fields of lighting, photometry, RF, power line communication, mesh networking and energy management.