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Street LED lighting


LL STREET is a comprehensive conception for all types of street lighting applications. The modern LED street luminaires meet the highest criteria of saving and efficient lighting of roads, actively help to reduce energy demandingness (energy save in range of 65 – 70%) and also achieve the objectives of low-carbon strategies of cities and villages. LL STREET making the streets brighter, improve visual conditions and increase safety.

In addition to the standard benefits of LED technology such as low power consumption, high efficiency, very long lifespan, 100% recyclability, vibration resistance, easy control, LL STREET have many premium parameters.




LEADER LIGHT is a Slovak company which produces LED lighting and LED technology for the entertainment, architainment and architecture markets. LEADER LIGHT fixtures are used in theatres, televisions, concerts, stages and shows for indoor and outdoor applications and they are JP rated. In addition, the company emphasizes LED projects which can save the user operating costs for power consumption and lighting. LEADER LIGHT has 30 contracted distributors and 64 partners.