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Wireless control of 5.1 MW turbine blades

Power plant JAWORZNO III, Poland


Wireless control of turbine bladesWired solution to control 5.1 MW turbine blades turned out to be very unreliable. The only option was to use wireless solution. Developers from Sigma Group decided to use IQRF wireless technology due to its high communication robustness and reliability.

Wireless control of turbine blades
  • The system SIG-BPS-01 enables continuous rotation control of turbine blades from a local colored handheld panel or remotely from a central control room.
  • Information about blades angle set up is sent out wirelessly
  • High safety of the application thanks to reliable wireless communication and control of overload of the actuator – controls speed as well as direction of rotation
  • There is a special device checking quality of the signal (used during installation and service)
  • The handheld device supports more languages (English, Russian, Czech and Polish for now)


IQRF Solution

Wireless control unitIn this kind of installation the wireless communication reliability is the absolute must. That’s why 2 IQRF modules were integrated in to the rotor. On the top of it every module sends out data twice on 2 different channels so the probability of successful message delivery is maximized.

The solution was provided as a custom development project by IQRF experts and there hasn’t been any problem with the wireless communication for many years of the turbines installations.


Wireless control of turbine bladesThe joint-stock company SIGMA GROUP a.s. is a modern and dynamically motivated engineering company which is the most significant producer of pumping machinery in the Czech Republic.

The success of SIGMA pumps in power plants is borne out by hundreds of installations in the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland, Egypt, India, Turkey, China, Syria, Romania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Yugoslavia, Bulgaria, Russia, Ukraine, Argentina, Brazil, Mexico, Iran, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Hungary and Cuba.

Today the company concentrates on researching, developing and producing mid-size, heavy and one-off specialized pumps and pumping sets for industrial applications. In this sector the company ranks among the best in the world successfully continuing the tradition of pump production, dating back many years, in central Moravia. Our key customers consist of both domestic and foreign industrial companies working in light and heavy engineering, the nuclear and non-nuclear energy industries, petrochemical industry, oil exploration, mineral mining and processing and water management