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Building automation: Research and Technology Center MICRORISC


IQRF as the cutting edge wireless technology provides complete solutions in a variety fields such as telemetry, lighting, industrial automation and intelligent buildings worldwide. Combining all the possibilities of the technology in one complex solution is well demonstrated in a building automation. Perfect example of wireless building automation is of course the Research and Technology Center MICRORISC in The Czech Republic.




IQRF solution

Around 60 RGB LED lights are installed in the big meeting room of the MICRORISC headquarters. Thanks to the IQRF wireless communication, lights could be controlled separately, in groups or altogether. Level of each color could be set up so every light provides 343 different colors. Mesh routing of IQRF technology can be demonstrated with these lights as well.

There are 72 blinders installed on the building. The blinders are controlled by a central unit so every day at 7 am the blinders go up and at 7 pm they go down automatically. Moreover IQRF technology offers using “sub networks” so the blinders could be controlled locally with a standard wall switcher as well. Important feature is that thanks to the sub networks there is basically no delay when controlling the blinders from the switcher.



MICRORISC Ltd. is a leading provider of wireless technologies specializing in research, development and delivery of the latest electronic components and technologies. A tradition since 1991, state-of-the-art technologies, outstanding technical support and overall quality helps our customers innovate their products and make them smarter. The company mission is the delivery of Hi-tech components and technologies enabling future innovation®.

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