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Automated inventory system

Wireless inventory systemThese days, systems for inventorying and property protection are usually passive technical solutions using bar codes or RFID tags. These must be installed in combination with protective gates or must be personally supervised. Such systems do not provide the convenience of combining inventory and goods protection.

IQRF Automated Inventory System (AIS) is a wireless communication system for localization, data collection and control for use in the industrial sphere, stores, shops, or logistics centers. The main purpose of automated inventory systems is to take inventory of goods, components, vehicles and other items in a particular space without handwork. Automated methods are much faster and cheaper, while IQRF wireless technology renders systems even more flexible and efficient.

This system makes it possible to track the position and movement of objects within a given space by IQRF smart transceivers. IQRF transceivers are active identification units working as bidirectional wireless communicators. This allows the whole system to be operated by a superior unit and to work in real time, which ensures the active protection of all the objects. Implementation of the IQRF AIS does not affect everyday operation but, on the contrary, is quite advantageous for the automation of manufacturing processes.

What more can be done with IQRF AIS? The system may collect data such as temperature, humidity, change of an object's position, access to an object, status of an object and other details of inventoried items. IQRF transceivers may control inventoried items and communicate simple commands in response to collected data.

Organize your data efficiently, take your inventory in a modern way, and have easy access to data in time with the IQRF Automated inventory system. Utilize the benefits of automated inventory with clear identification and localization, an active system of goods protection, lower installation costs, access to relevant data, and significant savings.

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