IQRF Wireless Challenge Winners

The winners of the open world-wide contest IQRF Wireless Challenge, which had been announced by MICRORISC Ltd., an EU company majoring in research and development of the latest wireless technologies, have been unveiled. Contest results were announced during the IQRF Wireless Challenge Awards Ceremony on Tuesday, 29th May 2012. Prizes in total value of more than $10,000 USD were awarded to professionals and students from several countries and two continents.

The Best Student design was awarded to Sebestyén Gergely, Hungary, for his "LMIS Access Control System". The category of most original idea won applications of "IQRF 3D magic remote transmitter with 3D nano gyroscope, IQRF IR Transmitter and IQFR Magic Wand" by Eduard Pravda, the Czech Republic. Prize for the Best application and $3,000 USD was awarded to Jiří Hodan, the Czech Republic, for the application of "Multi channeled thermometer with multiple sensor control connected to device with OS Android".

The design contest was open to anyone who is able to create a design for wireless communication or electronics. Totally 145 designers from all over the world, precisely 17 countries, signed in for the contest. The majority comes from the Czech and Slovak Republic, United Kingdom, Italy, India, Romania, the United States or Hungary. Although even Norwegian, Canadian, Chinese or Indonesian countries are involved. A few tens of submitted designs unveiled plenty of interesting ideas.

Originality, complexity, usefulness, functionality and quality of the designs were evaluated by board of engineers from IARIA, MICRORSIC and Brno University of Technology. The goal of the contest was to find new ideas and applications for innovative technology for wireless communication IQRF as well as to support young promising technicians and engineers.

This contest has been organized under the patronage of IARIA - International Academy, Research, and Industry Association, Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Czech Republic and many respected expert journals and institutions.


Contest Result Table May 29th, 2012

IQRF Wireless Challenge Winners
Category Award Prize Winner Country Design Type of application
Lottery design --- $1000 USD Radim Štefan the Czech Republic Simple application
Student Design 3rd place $1000 USD Voucher Csaba Nagy Romania Two way car alarm Simple application
Student Design 2nd place $1000 USD Voucher Pavel Vitvar, Jan Petřík, Petr Bartoň the Czech Republic Network of meteorological stations for snow guns Networking MESH application
Student Design 1st place $2000 USD Sebestyén Gergely Hungary LMIS Access Control System Networking MESH application
Best Idea 3rd place $ 200 USD Voucher Wiley Jeremy the USA Railroad crossings Simple application
Best Idea 2nd place $ 200 USD Voucher Cris Frusina Canada RF shoes Simple application
Best Idea 1st place Tablet TOSHIBA AT100 Eduard Pravda the Czech Republic IQRF 3D magic remote transmitter with 3D nano gyroscope, IQRF IR Transmitter, IQFR Magic Wand Simple application
The Best IQRF Application 3rd place $1000 USD Voucher Marius Petrescu Romania Secure wireless foot switch for harsh environments Simple application
The Best IQRF Application 2nd place $1000 USD Voucher Ondřej Nývlt the Czech Republic Distributed system for a wireless temperature data collecting Networking MESH application
The Best IQRF Application 1st place $3000 USD Jiří Hodan the Czech Republic IQRF Thermometer Simple application
Special Prize Unique student application $1000 USD Voucher Sebestyén Gergely Hungary LMIS Access Control System Networking MESH application
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