The Contest

MICRORISC Ltd. ("MICRORISC”) will give away prizes with a value of more than 10,000 USD total for the IQRF Wireless Challenge contest. Contestants may purchase development tools with special discount during the contest period. Contestants must submit a design to MICRORISC no later than 31st March 2012. The submissions will be evaluated by a panel of MICRORISC engineers, partners and renowned experts. The submissions will be judged by a numeric score based on the published Judging criteria. Scores will be ranked from the highest to the lowest according to given points.

Contest period

The contest runs from December 1, 2011 to March 31, 2012.

You may order your contest set with special discount during the contest period.

You must submit your design by March 31, 2012.

Task to fulfill

Create new application(s) for wireless communication platform IQRF.


  1. The best IQRF application
  2. Students' IQRF design


A contestant is any person who registers for the contest. Anybody from all over the world may test their skills.

Student's design

A student for the purposes of this contest is a person who studies a high school or university in bachelor or master degree programs. Students who win any prizes in the "Students' design for IQRF" category will have to prove their student status via Student Confirmation from their school.

Judging criteria

All the applications should be different from existing IQRF applications and examples. For each of following judging criteria you can get 0 - 10 points. Criteria have their level of weight according to their ranking.

  1. Originality
  2. Complexity
  3. Usefulness
  4. Functionality
  5. Quality of the code and documentation

Evaluation committee


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