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Current IQRF OS versions

Unless otherwise requested, IQRF OS in all TR-xxD transceivers (including gateways and other devices) will be delivered as follows:

  • Till 30 Nov 2018: v4.02D standard, v4.03D on request
  • From 1 Dec 2018: v4.03D standard, lower versions on request

Development sets with TR-xxD inside are delivered with IQRF OS v4.03D.

For TR-72D, TR-75D, TR-76D, TR-77D and TR-78D: OS v4.03D for TR-7xD

PDF User's GuideOS v4.03D for TR-7xD
9 Dec 2019
PDF Reference GuideOS v4.03D for TR-7xD - PDF
10 Oct 2019
» Reference GuideOS v4.03D for TR-7xD - on-line. This version is for brief guidance only.
10 Oct 2019

For TR-52D, TR-54D, TR-55D, TR-56D and TR-58D-RJ: OS v3.08D for TR-5xD

PDF User's GuideOS v3.08D
21 Sep 2016
PDF Reference GuideOS v3.08D
21 Sep 2016

For TR-52B and TR-53B: OS v3.00

PDF User's GuideOS v3.00
13 Dec 2011
PDF Reference GuideOS v3.00
21 Jun 2011

For TR-31B and TR-32B: OS v2.10

PDF User's GuideOS v2.10
19 Aug 2009
PDF Reference GuideOS v2.10
18 Jan 2010

For TR-11A and TR-21A: OS v2.08

PDF User's GuideOS v2.08
4 May 2009