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HW upgrade

All IQRF TR modules can be replaced by new versions with 25% discount.

OS upgrade

The IQRF operating system is continually developed – see OS versions. TR transceivers can be upgraded to current versions released by the IQRF manufacturer. See OS upgrade details.

IQRF operating system can be extended via optional OS plug-ins.

Minor changes in OS are also be done via OS patches.

OS upgrade

FW upgrade

Every IQRF gateway, kit etc. containing an MCU can be upgraded to possible new firmware version.

  • Generic equipment: FW can be created and uploaded to MCU by the user (VCP-01, GW-USB-13(A), …)
  • Equipment with bootloader: FW created by the manufacturer and uploaded to MCU by the user in IQRF IDE v4.14 or higher (CK-USB-04A, GW-USB-05, …).
    This replaces the IQRF UDU upgrading software (AN008) used previously.

IQRF IDE upgrade

IQRF IDE PC integrated development environment is free.