IQRF Technology for wireless

Technology for wireless


HW upgrade

All IQRF TR modules can be replaced by new versions with 25% discount.

OS upgrade

The IQRF operating system is continually developed – see OS versions. TR transceivers can be upgraded to current versions released by the IQRF manufacturer.

  • From OS v3.06D, upgrades can be done by the user oneself, using IQRF IDE v4.30 (which will be released in a few days) or higher. Downgrades (down to v3.06D or higher) are possible as well.
  • For lower OS versions the upgrade has to be done by IQRF manufacturer only.
OS upgrade

OS upgrade made by the IQRF manufacturer can be easily ordered via IQRF E-shop. It is free up to 100 pcs, just both-direction transportation costs should be covered.

IQRF operating system can be extended via optional OS plug-ins.

Minor changes in OS are also be done via OS patches.

FW upgrade

Every IQRF gateway, kit etc. containing an MCU can be upgraded to possible new firmware version.

  • Generic equipment: FW can be created and uploaded to MCU by the user (VCP-01, GW-USB-13(A), …)
  • Equipment with bootloader: FW created by the manufacturer and uploaded to MCU by the user in IQRF IDE v4.14 or higher (CK-USB-04A, GW-USB-05, …).
    This replaces the IQRF UDU upgrading software (AN008) used previously.

IQRF IDE upgrade

IQRF IDE PC integrated development environment is free.

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