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Street lighting reference design

This reference design is intended for technicians / programmers with IQRF experience and is appropriate as a guideline for development of a street lighting control system based on the IQRF platform when programmed under OS. It is designed to be applicable also for other applications. IQMESH usage (bonding, discovery, routing etc.) is described here. The implementation allows to use standard IQRF devices and development kits supporting solderless prototyping but integration into a user equipment is also possible.

SW-SL-01 is a software package for one or more DS-START-04 development sets. It contains:

  • Operating PC software. Source codes are included but for rough draft only, no support is provided.
  • Application for TR transceivers (Coordinator and Node) including source codes
  • Documentation

Variant 1:

  • Simpler
  • No additional hardware needed (besides of DS-START-04(s))
  • A lamp is simulated
    by red LED on TR module
SW-SL-01 Variant 1

Variant 2:

  • Advanced
  • External hardware connected via UART needed (besides of DS-START-04(s))
  • Creates bidirectional data channel
SW-SL-01 Variant 2
ZIP  SW-SL-01 - Reference design package
10 Jul 2012
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