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Interface between IQRF and the rest of the world

  • Simple standard interfaces are accessible directly by TR modules: SPI, UART, I2C, …
  • Complex standards – USB, Ethernet, GSM, WiFi, … can be accessed via gateways (GW).
  • Human operator can access IQRF network also via VCP (visual control panels) - gateways with keypads and displays / touchscreens.
  • Gateways offer also additional functionality: performance, extended memories, inputs / outputs, time / date, …
  • The most demanded gateway function is a datalogger to collect events and data. Easily accessed and controlled from Internet via IQRF Cloud.
  • An IQRF gateway can easily be created from any general purpose Linux microcomputer (e.g. Raspberry Pi) using the IQRF GW Daemon software package.
Gateway principle

IQRF Cloud principle