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IQRF Development set "START" - 3 devices

Product status: Obsolete  Info
Recommended replacement: DS-START-04



Product Pcs Description
DCTR-52DAT 3 IQRF transceiver
CK-USB-04A 1 IQRF programmer and debugger
DK-EVAL-04A 2 Universal portable development kit for TR modules
CAB-USBABMICRO 1 Micro USB cable 18.5 cm
USB flash drive 1 Software and documentation (including Demo HWP)


From 18 Jun 2014, this set is delivered with DCTR transceivers (allowed to operate full General HWP).
From 17 Mar 2014, this set is delivered with new version of development kits with plastic SIM holders. See Product history.
Supported TR-5x module types: TR-52D, TR-55D, TR-56D and TR-52B.

Ordering is possible also via microchipDIRECT.