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Development kits


  • Programmers to upload codes into TR transceivers
  • Debug and test kits
  • Hosts for TRs
  • SPI channel from/to TR
  • USB connectivity
  • Controlled from IQRF IDE

Node kits

  • Portable hosts for TRs
  • Universal evaluation and test kits
  • Ideal for end nodes
  • Compatible with DDC kits (see below)

DDC – Development Daisy Chain kits

  • Extension kits conectable to DK-EVAL-04(A), see above
  • For solderless development. No wiring.
  • Compact, 36 x 23 mm, cascadable

Shield and breakout boards

  • Adapters to connect TRs to 3rd party devices
  • For solderless development and prototyping
  • Supported by IQRF SDK software package

Supportive kits and adapters