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1 Jun 2017 - For OS v4.00D and DPA v3.00 at TR-7xD

Updated for IQRF IDE v4.41, IQRF Alliance interoperable products and IoT StarterKit-01.

  • IQRF IDE v4.41:   » History
  • PRELIMINARY support for IQRF Alliance standard (to design interoperable products)
    • IQRFAstandard.h and IQRFA_HWPID.h header files added to DPA header files.
  • IoT StarterKit-01:
    • IoT StarterKit-01 folder added to Examples\DPA.
    • Demo Project, DPA macros and configuration file for IQRF IDE available.
  • Documentation:
    • IQRF OS User's and Reference guides slightly updated.

23 Mar 2017 - For OS v4.00D and DPA v3.00 at TR-7xD

Updated for IQRF OS v4.00D, DPA v3.00 and IQRF IDE v4.40. For TR-7xDx only. TR-5xDx not supported any more.

  • TR-72D and TR-76D: Datasheets updated for OS v4.00D
  • IQRF OS v4.00D:
    • Packet structure changed
    • Packet structure changed
    • Extended security based on AES-128 encryption
    • Deep sleep mode
    • DPA is the only recommended way for IQMESH implementation
    • Networking with more than 240 devices is not supported
    • Lots of other enhancements
  • » OS history

  • DPA v3.00:
    • IQRF OS v4.00D supported
    • For DCTR-7xD only. DCTR-5xD is not supported from DPA v3.00.
    • Demo DPA version is not released any more
    • DPA for [CN] devices is not released any more
    • New features:
      • Command Set Security
      • Deep sleep feature at Sleep
      • DPA API function DpaApiSetRfDefaults
      • IQRF OS Change process can also change the DPA version at the same time
    • Lots of other enhancements
  • » DPA Technical guide

  • IQRF IDE v4.40:
    • OS v4.00D and DPA v3.00 supported
    • TR-77D supported (beta)
    • GW-USB-07 supported (beta)
    • Czech help removed
    • Features added:
      • RF Scanner within CATS
      • Encryption supported in TR Configuration
      • Log background communication of IQMESH Network Manager
      • Microsoft Visual Studio editor supported
    • Lots of other enhancements
    • Several bugs fixed
  • » IDE history

  • IQRF Quick start guide updated for OS v4.00D

3 Oct 2016 - For OS v3.08D and DPA v2.28 at TR-7xD and TR-5xD

  • Updated for DPA v2.28 and IDE v4.36.
    • DPA v2.28 - This is the ending major DPA release for DCTR-5xD.
      • Maximum data block length for EEPROM peripheral extended from 32 B to 55 B.
      • Bugs fixed:
        • Fixed an issue when more LP mode [N] devices restarted at the same time caused some of them to delay their start by approximately 2 seconds.
        • Fixed an issue when the demo DPA version [C] device responded with ERROR_NADR when broadcast address or temporary address was specified in the request. Same applies to the demo version of [CN] device at Bridge command.
        • Fixed an issue when the PWM peripheral or the corresponding CustomDpaHandler-UserPeripheral-PWM.c example generated unwanted output glitch when PWM parameters were set.
        • Improved Sleep accuracy at DCTR-7xD for times above 2 s.
      » Release notes
    • IQRF IDE v4.36
      • Several changes and enhancements
      • Minor repairs and improvements.
      • Several bugs fixed.
      » Release notes
  • IQRF OS User's and Reference guides slightly updated.

  • 27 Apr 2016
    • Updated for DPA v2.27 and IDE v4.35.
      • DPA v2.27
        • Write HWP configuration byte command enhanced.
        • Several minor changes, especially regarding configuration.
        » Release notes
      • IQRF IDE v3.35
        • IQMESH Network Manager slightly enhanced.
        • Minor repairs and improvements.
        • Several bugs fixed.
        » Release notes
    • IQRF OS User's and Reference guides slightly updated.

  • 10 Mar 2016
    • Updated for IQRF OS 3.08D, DPA v2.26 and IDE v4.34.
      • IQRF OS v3.08D
        • 916 MHz and 433 MHz bands supported.
        • Number of RF channels higher than for TR-5xD transceivers.
        • Several minor changes, side effects and small bugs fixed.
        » Migration notes
      • DPA v2.26
        • Custom DPA handler for changing IQRF OS version over the network
        • Autonetwork examples support LP mode
        • Several new features, changes and bug fixes
        » Release notes
      • IQRF IDE v3.34
        • Several features added in IQMESH Network Manager
        • GW-UNI-01 supported (IQRF Alliance product)
        • Several changes, enhancements and bugs fixed
        » Release notes
      • Examples for IQRF OS
        • All examples tested for OS 3.08D
        » Release notes
    • TR-72D and TR-76D datasheets updated

  • 8 Dec 2015
    • Updated for DPA v2.24 and IDE v4.32.
    • DPA StartUp project:
      • General HWP plug-ins added
      • Custom DPA Handler source file added
      • Paths to compile Custom DPA Handlers added to the Project Properties
    • Custom DPA handler project: Removed.
    • DPA macros: Macros for pulse LEDR and pulse LEDG added.
    • E09-LINK.c example: Comments slightly modified.

  • 6 Nov 2015
    • Updated for DPA v2.23.
    • Tech_Guide_SPI_TR-7xD changed.
    • External SPI master example modified.

  • 8 Oct 2015
    • Updated for DPA v2.22.
    • IQRF IDE Autonetwork macro updated for DPA 2.22
    • IQRF OS includes: IQRF OS function setTXpower renamed to setRFpower
    • TR-72D datasheet updated for latest ETSI directives
    • TR-76D datasheet released

  • 23 Sep 2015
    • Updated for DPA v2.21 and IDE v4.31.
    • IQRF OS User's and Reference guides slightly updated.
    • CK-USB-04A User's guide slightly updated.v
    • Macro buttonPressed (IQRF-macros.h) changed from pin RA5 to RB4.
    • Macros for Autonetwork-embedded added to IQRF IDE DPA macros.
    • E15-EXTENDED-FLASH.c added to basic examples.

  • 20 Aug 2015 – First release for TR-7xD and OS v3.07D
    • For IQRF OS v3.07D, DPA v2.20 and IQRF IDE v4.30.
    • Startup package structure changed (compared to older versions for TR-5xD).
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