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  • Band: 868 MHz, 916 MHz or 433 MHz
  • Channels: 62/189/16 channels for 868/916/433 MHz
  • Bit rate: 19.836 kb/s or 19.2 kb/s
  • Output power: up to 12.5 mW or up to 3.5 mW (selectable in 8 steps)
  • RF range: tens of meters in buildings, hundreds of meters in open space, with small antennas
  • Packet oriented communication
    (max. 64 B payload data / RF packet)
  • Extra low power: 15 µA XLP receiving, < 1 µA sleep
  • Adjustable receive sensitivity
  • Incoming signal level check
  • . . .

IQRF implements two RF communication modes:

  • Non-networking - Two or more peer-to-peer devices. Packets are accessible for all devices in range. No networking features (routing etc.) except of simple addressing are supported.
  • Networking - One Coordinator managing the network with up to 239 Nodes. Packets are accessible for addressed Node(s) in given network only. Complex Mesh with automated routing through redundant paths and many other powerful features is supported. DPA works in networking mode only.

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