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Migration between OS versions

TR transceiers may have various IQRF OS versions. Refer to the list of OS versions allowed for given TR type.

TR deliveries

TR transceivers are provided with current OS version (except of interim period) and disabled RFPGM (wireless upload) after reset. Older OS versions or versions with enabled RFPGM are available on request.

OS upgrade

TR transceivers are upgradeable as follows:

  • All TR-7xD at the user
  • TR-5xD
    • At the user between any OS versions higher than v3.05D
    • At the factory otherwise
  • TR-5xB and lower at the factory only

OS downgrade at the user is possible too (according to the same rules, except of downgrading from 4.xx to 3.xx.).

OS migration
  • For OS upgrade at the user, use IQRF IDE, menu Tools - Change IQRF OS Wizard. Some combinations are not possible in one step, e.g. to upgrade from 3.06D to 3.08D, the upgrade to 3.07D must be performed first. IQRF IDE shows you the list of direct upgrade/downgrade possibilities currently available for your TR with given OS version. To have all upgrade/downgrade possibilities available, use current IQRF IDE version.
  • OS upgrade made at the factory can be easily ordered via IQRF E-shop.

Application SW

IQRF OS versions are backward compatible. However, possible slight changes in application source code may be required when upgrading OS. » Migration notes

It is highly recommended to use the same TR type and the same OS version in the whole network.

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