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Integrated development and service environment


Free full featured project oriented IDE (Integrated Development Environment).

  • Features:
    • Environment for creation of IQRF applications
    • TR programmer (uploader) and debugger
    • RF communication terminal and test tool
    • IQMESH network manager - tools for DPA network management, visualization and testing
    • IQRF service tools - CATS (Configurator, Analyzer, Tester and Scanner)
    • Tools to upgrade OS in TR transceivers, firmware in IQRF USB devices and other maintanance utilities
  • Devices supported:
  • TR transceivers supported:
    • For TR-5xB, TR-5xD, TR-7xD or higher only
    • For older TR types (TR-11A, TR-21A, TR-31B and TR-32B) use IQRF IDE 2
  • Windows supported:
    • Tested for Windows 10, Windows 8.x, Windows 7 and Vista
    • Not tested for Windows XP

Installation includes also USB drivers and C compiler.

Please, always use the latest IDE version. The installation process itself takes a few seconds only. All your projects and settings will stay functional. Possible returning to an older version is simple as well. All older proven IDE versions are available to download from the archive.

IQRF IDE v4.42 has been removed due to a serious bug in RFPGM.
PDF  IQRF IDE  v4.43
PDF  USB drivers installation guide. Step by step instructions and troubleshooting
PDF  Product history - Release notes
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