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Integrated development and service environment


Free full featured project oriented IDE (Integrated Development Environment).

  • Features:
    • Environment for creation of IQRF applications
    • TR programmer (uploader) and debugger
    • RF communication terminal and test tool
    • IQMESH network manager - tools for DPA network management, visualization and testing
    • IQRF service tools - CATS (Configurator, Analyzer, Tester and Scanner)
    • Tools to upgrade OS in TR transceivers, firmware in IQRF USB devices and other maintanance utilities
  • Devices supported:
  • TR transceivers supported:
    • For TR-5xB, TR-5xD, TR-7xD or higher only
    • For older TR types (TR-11A, TR-21A, TR-31B and TR-32B) use IQRF IDE 2
  • Windows supported:
    • Tested for Windows 10, Windows 8.x, Windows 7 and Vista
    • Not tested for Windows XP

Installation includes also USB drivers and C compiler.

PDF  IQRF IDE  v4.36
PDF  USB drivers installation guide. Step by step instructions and troubleshooting
PDF  Product history - Release notes
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